About Us

Zetacool is a private company, formed in January 2003, to import and distribute Midea air conditioning equipment to both UK and overseas clients. Other manufacturers were initially considered by Zetacool but these were rejected as Midea equipment was found to be the most technically advanced and cost effective.

Midea has obtained a high reputation for quality and reliability proven in several million applications. With a projected turnover in excess of 10.5 million units for 2005 Midea are expected to become not only the largest Aircon manufacturer in China but also the largest exporter by Dec 2005. The current Midea growth rate is without equal in the industry.

Midea have joint ventures with several manufacturers, particularly Toshiba-Carrier who have a 20% stake in Midea (air conditioning). Since jointly establishing a compressor manufacturing plant in 1998, Midea have continued their relationship with Toshiba-Carrier and have had a significantly involvement in developing inverter driven commercial aircon systems.

Although Midea still manufacture inverter driven systems they are now the leaders in Digital Scroll technology. This has now been applied to large commercial DX and water based systems giving exceptional temperature control, improved reliability and low operating costs. With digital scroll technology, there is no requirement for oil separators or for regular "high speed" operation to ensure proper oil return.

The Midea brand name is largely unknown in the UK, however, their products have been available for some time marketed under various other well known names such as Carrier and York. Perhaps you should consider Midea equipment by Zetacool for your next project and take advantage of their three year warranty, competitive prices and exceptional reliability.

The Zetacool sales policy is to sell only to established UK contractors or distributors. We do not install and as such, any enquiries for installation works will be passed to our authorised Dealers.